Sunday, December 4, 2016

New Design

Thunder's new design which may appear in the new film. Also drawn in the "furry" style because no random person behind a screen is going to regulate what art style I can and cannot draw in. There's more than one person who uses this same art style. I remember knowing 4. My art isn't all about Japanese cartoons. I want to be creative for once.

Also Thunder no longer has Alba Spinosa because it didn't really make sense with her at all. I'd rather do something like that with an entirely different character.
Entire image was created by me with help on the new design by my husband. Some of you may know him as SomeSpecialNeeds.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Still looking for suggestions.

If anybody is willing to give any suggestions for my story, I'd be happy to take some. I currently have no ideas for what will happen next. So far all I have is CONTENT REMOVED DUE TO SPOILERS.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Because, sexism against males is apparently okay?

Hey Mr. human wolf hybrid (he doesn't have a name yet) what is your opinion on Ditawny and Naleni from The Rebel's Howl?

To cheetahstar2, yeah. He said they're not his type. He's gay. That means he only likes other males. It's pretty sexist how you say Naleni can control ANY males, even my character right here who just so happens to be gay. There are gay wolves, you know. Please don't get offended. This is not a personal attack, but I just find Naleni's biography on the official website for The Rebel's Howl to be extremely offensive and sexist against males.
No, but seriously. I need a name for this guy. Like, a European name.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

How to Replicate the Bolt Logo

Welcome to the first post on this blog and tutorial on how to replicate the Bolt logo. This is something that can be used in parodies or fanname content as well as media relating to the film or the video game. Here are some of the materials you will need to do this:

Materials You Need

Waltograph UI font (for the company text)
Compacta Bold font (for the film's text)
Adobe Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, Adobe Flash CS6, or any software for drawing, animating, or generating text

Step 1. Generate the text you want.

Type the text you want to appear on your logo. It can be anything you want, such as the name of either a fan character or an original character, or even a title. You can use something generic like Jolt, Volt, Shock, etc.

WARNING! When using Compacta Bold, you absolutely must type in all caps! If you type with only the first letter capitalized, it won't look right!

Step 2. Add a bolt.

As you may already know, this font is not monopolized by Disney. Compacta Bold does not come with a lightning bolt in the 'O'. If you want there to be a bolt inside the O, you will have to make your own. If you are using an animation software like Flash, just right click the selected text, and go to "Break Apart". Break it up until it appears to have visible grid lines on it.
The next thing to do is to draw and customize your own bolt and insert it into the 'O' or whatever letter you are using for the bolt.

Step 3. Use special effects.

If you plan on using this on anything textured such as a dog tag or a metallic background, it'd be important to use bevel and emboss effects.

To do this, you must convert the text into a symbol. You must make it a movie clip, not a graphic.
Just click F8 or go to the "Modify" menu option and look for the command "Convert to symbol".

Once you have done this, select the symbol you are converting it to. It's best to use Movie Clip or Button to do this as Graphics are not compatible with effects.

After converting the item, go to 'Properties' and navigate into the 'Filters' menu. Click the icon that looks like a single sheet of paper, and select 'Bevel'.

Once done, it will look like this.

If you want to experiment, you may also use a drop shadow effect or add a glow effect, then setting that glow to white.

Step 4. Exporting and Importing...

Export the file by going to the menu option 'File' and select 'Export', and then 'Export Image'. Select the file destination you want to save it in. It's best to export a blue colored logo, otherwise the next step will make it look wrong.

Next, import it into Photoshop, Sai, or any art software you prefer to use. My personal art software of choice is Clip Studio Paint EX.

Step 5. Layer Combine Mode
Just at the top of the layer window, you should see a tiny little box labeled "Normal". This is the combine mode for each layer. Click this, and select either "Multiply" (if gray) or "Subtract". (if blue)
It should look like this.

Step 5. (Final Step)

And to add the finishing touches to your logo, use the Waltograph UI font to generate a fake Walt Disney Pictures logo. Personally, I prefer to use it from this site and download the transparent file as a Portable Networks Graphic (PNG).
Import the file into your software and add it just above your logo.

And here is the final product!