Sunday, July 23, 2017

Regarding the series...

As you probably have noticed, it's been a while since TAHW has ever had an episode. so far there has only been about a part of episode 6 up on YouTube, and there's a reason for this.

Over the years, I just thought the series had some pretty poorly written dialogue as I wasn't too good at writing stories at the time. This doesn't necessarily mean the series is canceled, but I do believe I could do better. So here's what will go down.

First I need a new PC since my original laptop broke with my hard drive still in it. My biggest fear right now is someone in my family having it factory reset despite me telling them "no". (It has happened before and I was angry)

Once I can recover all of my software, I plan on animating again.

However, Thunder: a Hero's Welcome will be rebooted and redone with better animation so episode 6 may have a much longer delay from now on. But I do plan on uploading what I have of the original version just for you to look at.

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